Our story

As hot drink lovers we set out our journey to find an alternative drink that was satisfying but moreover made us feel good. During our search we came across the mighty green bean; which is produced from the Coffea Arabica plant. Our research highlighted that the green bean was even more special than we thought.

Unlike traditional coffee, we do not roast the beans and therefore the natural antioxidants remain within the green coffee bean which simultaneously presents health benefits. We therefore created a healthy hot drink, to be taken daily, made from unroasted ORGANIC green coffee beans.

Our team are passionate about making the finest quality healthy hot drinks that not only taste good but also will fill you with goodness. We therefore proudly welcome you all to the world of feeling good with a range of Feel Good Green Bean coffee bags.

Our mission is to help everyone make a lifestyle change that makes them feel good, by sourcing healthy drinks that fits into their lifestyle.

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This success was thanks to public vote so we would like to thank the people who voted for us at the NHT summit.

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